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Discover how to increase your reputation, differentiate yourself from your competitors, acquire more customers all over the world with adovasio Workshop 2020

Are you a wedding photographer?

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Apulia October 2021

Are you ready to learn everything
about wedding photography?

are you really interested in:

Because it is important to have a well-groomed online presence and how to get customers around the world in 2020

How to increase your reputation and image online in 2021

How attract destination wedding clients

How price your packages to maximize profit, how grow your business in a saturated market

Significantly increase your professional level 

Discover the secrets of the greatest wedding photographers in the world

Acquire important customers with high budgets (think: just take one customer of this magnitude and repay the course)

Live an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful places in southern Italy?

We are wife and husband and we have been working in the weddings industry for almost twenty years.

We have many things to tell and certainly a lot of experience that we have gained over the years, so if you sign up for our workshop you will not only give a new image to your portfolio but we will give you advice on how not to make mistakes that we have already gone through.
In this workshop you will be in close contact with us and with other internationally recognized artists who today enjoy world fame, without underestimating the fact of finding yourself in one of the most beautiful places in the world such as Italy and especially Puglia, excellent food in good company.

Working on almost a thousand events throughout Italy and abroad, France, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Thailand, Greece, United States and more.


Matteo Coltro

Gianluca and Mary Adovasio, the heart of this workshop, close this experience by adding the human warmth and energy needed at the end of the season to share loads the following season.



Four days not only between photographers but also with wedding planners and operators in the sector that allow you to confront the best realities of this world and establish new partnerships.

Are you ready to learn everything
about wedding photography?

Fabrizio ViganĂ²

 In the end if do you feel stuck in a saturated market, and you need fresh ideas, if you are looking for a rebrand or maybe you want to start shooting film, attending the workshop will make you look with new eyes to things like light & composition